Friday, February 21, 2014

GOProud Back Inside the GOP Tent

In an ongoing conflict that illustrates the divide in the Republican Party over the breadth of its ideological “tent,” the organizers of the popular conservative conference CPAC have decided to welcome the homosexual activist group GOProud at this year’s event next month....


Well the Republican Party isn't conservative. It's leaders and its "conservative" conference bear that out repeatedly.

That's why I refuse to hold hands with them. They compromised.

Compromising on social issues is far worse than compromising on economics, because at its heart is rebellion against God's order of things. Economics or how one spends money, also reveals the heart, which is why a social liberal will end up being an economic liberal. A liberal is a liberal.

To compromise on moral issues to save a few dollars also shows the idolatry of one's heart.

No thanks.

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