Thursday, February 27, 2014

Walgreen Photo Developer An "Expert" On Copyright Law; refused to print customer's personal photo

A Mississippi woman says she waged a nearly three-week battle to get pictures of Bible Scripture printed, after the photo department at a national chain store insisted that her images of Gospel inspiration violated copyright laws.
Kelly Taylor, 46, of Gulfport, told her local Walgreens refused to process two prints of Scripture verses she had ordered online, first blaming it on a "technical issue," then explaining it was due to copyright law -- which has never applied to the Good Book.
After the publication of this article Walgreens spokesman James W. Graham said in an email to that the customer service employee who expressed copyright concerns to Taylor was not speaking on behalf of the company.
Taylor said she is glad to have her images, which she plans to memorize with her Bible study group, but she and her friends hope the episode will be a teachable moment for Walgreens.
A mere employee of Walgreens is an expert in copyright law?

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