Friday, February 21, 2014

Common Core Roll Out: it's failing, but that's a good thing

Just as ObamaStateCare  was met with less than mediocre enthusiasm which was blamed on the technical roll out problems, so Common Core Curriculum is also using the same  excuse. They are blaming lack of teacher support and understanding to correctly get it going successfully in the classrooms.

But the problem is not about the roll out or implementation. It's about the fundamental flaws.

A chaotic curriculum can't be implemented in a concise, orderly, clear way. And if the teachers are having issues, just think of what the students must be going through.

Ironically, because Common Core is very Post-Modern and doesn't require exact answers in math for example, you'd think that the same mentality would apply to the implementation itself. In other words, it's the attempt that counts, not the end result.

Reality is hitting Common Core head on, but apparently what is acceptable for their "results" isn't acceptable for their roll out.

Liberalism cannot successfully survive in real life.

Just like with ObamaStateCare, the problem of implementation with Common Core is a GOOD thing. The failure of both is good because both programs are rotten to the core.

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