Friday, February 07, 2014

Creation vs Evolution: Clash Of Worldviews, Interpretation of Data, and How Did Consciousness Come From Matter?

Debate answers and articles to further explore the  questions and answers from the debate, here.

Over 5 million watched the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye.

ABC News' "Nightline" covered the debate here.
WND reported:
After a thorough recap and analysis of the arguments presented by Ken and Mr. Nye, Dr. Mohler concluded, ‘The central issue last night was really not the age of the earth or the claims of modern science … It was about the central worldview clash of our times, and of any time: the clash between the worldview of the self-declared ‘reasonable man’ and the worldview of the sinner saved by grace.’”
The topic for the debate was: “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?”
Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis, which owns the Creation Museum, presented the argument for creation.
There is a distinct difference in what you observe and what has taken place in the past,” said Ham. “Creationists and evolutionists disagree on how to interpret data regarding the origins of our universe, and we can’t prove either way observationally, because all we’ve got is the present. When it comes down to it, this is a battle over philosophical worldviews.
Nye, the Emmy-winning host and producer of the popular “Bill Nye the Science Guy” PBS-TV program for children, was on the other side.
He emphasized evidence he says documents an advanced age of the earth.
In perhaps the most compelling moment of the debate, Nye and Ham were confronted with the question. “How did consciousness come from matter?”
Nye replied bluntly with, “I don’t know. That is a great mystery.”
Bill, I want to say that there is a book out there that does document where consciousness comes from,” Ham said, referring to the Bible, and adding that he believes man was created “in God’s image.”


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