Friday, February 07, 2014


Someone commented on Ken Ham's Facebook page something that I think really strikes at the heart of evolutionists' inconsistency:

"I find it incredible that you dismiss the Bible as "magic" fairy tales but are perfectly able to  accept the fanciful tales spun by evolutionists from just a couple teeth and skull fragments, reject the concept of heaven and hell, yet probably accept concepts of parallel universes or the multiple dimensions required by string theory, you can look at the periodic chart and see the predictability of the elements and yet not see the design."

Indeed. Evolutionists and Creationists both have faith and it is through that faith that they have presuppositions and using that, they interpret data, along with how they live life (worldviews affect one's thinking and living).

It would just be more honest for evolutionists to simply admit they have faith in that which they cannot see (the "big bang"), and that which they have no answer for, (how consciousness came from matter,  beauty,art, morals,etc.).

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