Friday, February 07, 2014

Summed Up Well

The Obama Administration's unilateral Executive actions are hurting Americans.

Yesterday we learned the Obama Administration, acting on its own, just made it easier for terrorist supporters to enter the country.

Yesterday we also learned the Obama Administration has been working for years, on its own, to restrict the free speech of conservative groups.

This is what happens when Executive power is unchecked. This is what happens when President Obama acts without Congress.

It has to stop.


Sign the petition to stop Obama's violation of the Constitution he vowed to uphold and hold him accountable for his violations.

You need to realize that the various departments that work under Obama, making executive, unilateral decisions and law/policies, aren't even voted in by the people and so we can't fire them. That is not how our government was structured by the Constitution and our Founding Fathers.

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