Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The god of "Relevance" and the Idol of "Graciousness"

A dear brother in Christ has an excellent and pointed exhortation for us:


Tim Keller, in his book, "Counterfeit Gods" writes:

“Idolatry functions widely inside religious communities when doctrinal truth is elevated to the position of a false god….their trust in the rightness of their views makes them feel superior.” (pg. 131)

I would only add that one who worships the 'god' of relevance and the idol of 'graciousness', and an idol of personality would label doctrinal truth as an idolatrous god.

End quote.

~Doron Gladden (on Facebook)

Well said and exactly on point.

A commenter also chimmed in:

"What are we going to do? We will not give an inch to these sort of men. We would not give credence to these sort of attacks, we will not prove them right. We will love the truth of God and love the God of truth; and that love will be revealed in how we love our neighbors."

Again, well said.

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