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We Are A Drugged Up Nation: why legal drugs are hurting our society both morally and physically

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In “THE REAL ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE,” Whistleblower takes the reader on a jaw-dropping, mind-bending guided tour through America’s twin drug cultures – one illegal, the other legal – as a result of which well over 100 million people are now dependent on powerful, toxic, mood-altering substances just to get through life. And fully 40 million of them admit to driving on the public roadways under the influence of those substances!
So extreme has Americans’ drug dependence become, it’s hard to tell which is more devastating – the drug culture of gangs and cartels, criminal pushers and strung-out addicts, or the wildly out-of-control psychiatric drug bureaucracy, which labels almost every problem large or small as a “mental illness” or “personality disorder” and in response writes patients hundreds of millions of prescriptions for unpredictable and poorly understood mind-altering drugs that profoundly alter our brain chemistry. (In one recent year, a staggering 250 million prescriptions for antidepressants were written for Americans!)
In “THE REAL ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE” you’ll read about the millions of fellow Americans taking “sleep aids” like Ambien, which warns users they may find themselves driving their car while still asleep (called “sleep-driving”) – also “sleep-walking” as well as “making and eating food,” “talking on the phone” and “having sex” while asleep. In fact, one recent headline proclaimed: “America’s Number One Prescription Sleep Aid Could Trigger ‘Zombies,’ Murder and Other Disturbing Behavior.”
You’ll also read about the tens of millions of users of antidepressants (including 1 in 4 middle-aged American women), who are informed by the mandatory FDA “black box” warning label that they may feel like killing themselves (that is, experience “suicidal thinking and behavior, known as suicidality”).
And you’ll read about the millions of high school kids (1 in 5 boys) diagnosed with ADHD – a “disease” that didn’t exist a generation ago – and “treated” with dangerous psycho-stimulant drugs, despite risks of addiction, heart damage and death.

This is not the way to deal with life. But we are a nation that is utterly incapable of thinking rationally, much less living life normally that a generation or two ago, could do so without popping pills for everything under the sun. If you are depressed, why take drugs that could increase your depression and make you want to kill yourself? Isn't that what you are trying to avoid??

Many shootings (90%) are directly related to psychotropic drugs, too.

Psychology and psychiatry are hurting our society, not helping it.

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