Thursday, February 06, 2014

Where Is This?

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See if you can guess where this is from:

One politically correct narrative holds that obesity is the result of mass poverty, first because the disadvantaged suffer from low self-esteem which compels them to indulge in comfort eating and second because healthy foods are allegedly more expensive.

Obesity is a lifestyle choice not a social condition or disease that can be caught. We do not need labels or taxes or awareness programmes or counselling or surgery. We just need to change our habits.

Public-health campaigners and Left-wing politicians do not see it like that. Just as in their great global warming scare they want to create a climate of doom-laden crisis so they can extend the influence of the state while also fuelling their self-important vanity as crusading saviours.

For the puritan public health zealots, never happier than when nosing through children's lunchboxes or raging against the iniquities of hamburgers, the major food companies are an enticing new target now that they have successfully turned the big tobacco companies into pariahs.

In truth both of these manufactured visions play to the sentimental cult of victimhood, where people can be rescued only by the big, high-taxing, interventionist state.

Ironically by crushing the concept of personal responsibility such an approach is likely to worsen unhealthy lifestyles.


Does this sound familiar? Michelle Obama trying to dictate the food our children eat, schools throwing out kids' lunches, mayors limiting the size of soft drinks sold....Blaming society for their obesity; blaming "low self esteem", calling being fat a "disease" instead of a behavior....

It should sound familiar. It's socialism and the columnist made some excellent points. But the columnist is making observations and insight from somewhere on the link to see.

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